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DREAMS INTO REALITY 2…..A backstage view reveals all.

May 15, 2014

Dreams into Reality is a fantastic dance production performed by the dancers from the Out of Africa dance academy and directed by Ivy Meyer. It took place at Artscape Theatre on 10th and 11th of May.

A new view:

Last year I sat spellbound in the audience watching the theme unfold in the form of dance and drama. This year as a result of my daughter, 10-year-old Letitia dancing for the academy, I was privy to the goings on backstage. ! People were everywhere- dancers, makeup artists, sound guys, mommies helping out etc. But they were not loitering or confused at all. On the contrary there was purpose with every action. The seniors were organised in their section, the babies all sorted out in their dressing rooms, the makeup artist very busy in her studio backstage and the director buzzed around ensuring everything ran smoothly.

Our gorgeous Letitia busy getting ready backstage.

Our gorgeous Letitia busy getting ready backstage.

So what goeth on?

Could you feel the nerves? Absolutely! There were a few nervous smiles around as the opening time arrived but mostly this cast was just bursting at the seams with excitement to showcase their talent. Were there a few hiccups backstage…. obviously! That’s why there is a backstage… to sort out any hiccups but like they say in showbiz: the show must go on!

In between performances the dancers rushed to get changed, make was reapplied, warm ups were being done and hushed conversations were carried out. The mommies assisting backstage ran around like headless chickens to ensure the little ones were ready for their performances. It was manic but such great fun!

Watching the stage from where I stood, I could not help but be impressed with the energy and commitment displayed by every performer out there! They looked fabulous- their costumes could not be faulted, their dance moves effortless and overall their performances were of a high calibre. They had the audience clapping, laughing, shouting cheers and dancing in their seats and they lapped up the attention like a deer to a stream. Running off the stage they high-fived and hugged as their means of congratulating each other.


The show backstage was a success, the show the audience experienced was a mammoth success. Everything running like clockwork from start to finish.

And at the end, after all the thanks were done, the entire cast of dancers still had the energy to dance their way to their dressing rooms….priceless!

Well done to the Out of Africa dance academy (and of course my Letitia) for showing that dreams can become a reality and that the medium of dance shows no discrimination!


** The warm ups backstage was a show on its own


dreams 11 dreams 10 dreams 8 dreams 5


** Below you will see the make up being done, the dancers getting ready and those who are waiting to go on stage.

dreams 7 dreams 14 dreams 9 dreams 8 dreams 6 dreams 4 dreams 3

** The younger group are all ready. Also here is Ivy Meyer- director. Lastly, the dancers on stage during the thanks at the end.

dreams 12 dreams 2 dreams 1


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